The Little Blue Elephant Play Café


My name is Kate and I’m the owner and founder of The Little Blue Elephant Play Café.

I am a Mum to three busy, energetic gorgeous boys. My life consists mainly of mud, plastic soldiers, lego, endless mess, lots of washing and huge amounts of food. And I love it!

As my first born progressed past the stage of sleeping happily in a car seat, allowing me to enjoy a coffee in a trendy cafe and onto the stage of being into everything, I realised how impossible it was to continue my love of quirky independent coffee shops – especially as my little tribe grew in number! As the boys got bigger, we’d go to soft play places instead that met some of their demands, but none of mine!

Kate and son

So over many years of deliberating, considering and refining, The Little Blue Elephant Play Café concept was born, with one very simple but crucial aim: To create a fabulous space where grown ups want to spend time and can still feel like themselves, but their children are happy, engaged and busy too. And that is what we have created. There are dedicated play areas but beautiful decor and the best gourmet coffee you will find. The vibe is fun, relaxed and absolutely family orientated; come as you are, kick back and have a really great time with your kids and friends. We are not a soft play centre – our toys and play areas stimulate creative, imaginative, interactive and physical play. Having over a decade of experience as a Primary school teacher, a degree and an MA in Education, I have drawn on some key factors when considering how I wanted play to look at The Little Blue Elephant … Play is absolutely key to a child’s development and understanding of the world around them, and giving them endless opportunities for play and creativity is vital. Let’s enjoy that time of being able to play together! Quality time with family and friends is what enriches our lives and moments of togetherness with our kids are a gift. I really hope that you find a place to feel comfortable in with your family, when you come to The Little Blue Elephant Play Café. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit with us and leave feeling that little bit refreshed. And remember, great coffee and good company can make the tough days that bit sweeter!